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Culinary of Bandung

Bandung, is one of the biggest city in Indonesia, and I live here :D . I love Bandung because Bandung have everything, Malls , Fashion , Music, and the most important is the Food. But Bandung doesnt have a Beach :( because Bandung is surrounded by mountains, thats why Bandung colder than other cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya. 
Last nite, I tell my friend, Maja about Bandung. The city which famous about its food, fashion and creativity :D
And now, I'll write about Snack :) yeaaah Bandung's Snack and here is it

1. Batagor
Batagor stands fried tofu meatballs know who is filled with a mixture of aci (tapioca flour) and Tengiri fish meat .Batagor is served with peanut sauce and soy sauce. You can find this food, almost anywhere :)

2. Siomay

Siomay is made from a mixture of aci (tapioca flour) and fish meat tengiri, but wrapped in dumpling skin. Flavored and then steamed, and served
or eaten with boiled eggs, cabbage, tofu, potatoes and mixed with peanut sauce,that have been embellished, almost same with Batagor's sauce.

3. Peuyeum

Peuyeum or Cassave's tape is a food that has a sweet taste, slightly acid and aromatic alcohol. Peuyeum is made from cassava's fermented .People often say peuyeum is same with tape cassava. Peuyeum with good quality that is peuyeum that smells and tastes good, sweet and sour.

4. Colenak

Colenak is like Peuyeum, which burned on the charcoal which is then sprinkled with brown sugar sauce and grated coconut that is named colenak.

5. Surabi

Surabi or pancake is typical Sundanese food that looks like pancakes but smaller and thicker, made from rice flour.Surabi burned by using traditional tools the furnace and a special mold from clay. Surabi has a lot of sense,
with a sense of who is considered the most original characteristic is surabi oncom Sunda.

actually there are still a lot of food, but this is the most famous snack, from Bandung :D

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