Sabtu, 02 April 2011

Kue Lebaran

Before Lebaran is usually the mothers and daughters make cookies with a lot variation. From cheese to chocolate, there is also a pineapple jam. Usually the cookies are made intentionally much because after the Idul Fitri prayers people visit each house to greet shaking hands, apologized:)

Idul- Fitri Culinary :)

Every Idul Fitri, Indonesian people, prepare for mudik, and also food for Idul Fitri. 
Iduli fitri never be complete without "Ketupat" that Indonesian tradition and the other food like "Sambel Goreng Ati" "opor ayam"

Ketupat or packed rice is a type of dumpling from Indonesia, Brunei, etc.It is made from rice that has been wrapped in a woven palm leaf pouch and boiled. As the rice cooks, the grains expand to fill the pouch and the rice becomes compressed.

Opor Ayam
Opor ayam is a chicken cooked in coconut milk from Indonesia. And actually fed boiled chicken seasoning of thick coconut milk plus a variety of spices such as lemongrass, kencur, etc.

Sambal Goreng Ati
Sambal goreng ati is one of the Indonesian family's favorite special menu. Every time there is a celebration or special moments such as Lebaran sure there is always a menu sambal goreng ati. Its made from chicken liver or beef liver and potato :)

Idul Fitri ƪƪ'▿') ('▿'ʃʃ

Idul Fitri or Eid Fitr is a three-day Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting (sawm). Eid is an Arabic word meaning "festivity", while Fiṭr means "conclusion of the fast"; and so the holiday celebrates the conclusion of the thirty days of dawn-to-sunset fasting during the entire month of Ramadan. The first day of Eid, therefore, falls on the first day of the month Shawwal

It is haraam, or forbidden, to fast on the Day of Eid. That is why it is recommended to have a small breakfast (as a sign of not being on a fast on that day) of sweet dish, preferably the date fruit, before attending the special Eid prayer (salah). It is a Sunnah (Prophetic tradition) that the Sadaqat-ul-fitr, an obligatory charity, is paid to the poor and the needy before performing the ‘Eid prayer by all those adult Muslims who are required to pay Zakat.

Eid prayer is performed in congregation in open areas like fields, community centers, etc. or at mosques . After the prayers, Muslims visit their relatives, friends and acquaintances or hold large communal celebrations in homes, community centers or rented halls.

This has to do with the communal aspects of the fast, which expresses many of the basic values of the Muslim community; empathy for the poor, charity, worship, steadfastness, patience etc. Fasting is also believed by some scholars to extol fundamental distinctions, lauding the power of the spiritual realm, while acknowledging the subordination of the physical realm. It also teaches a Muslim to stay away from wordly desires and to focus entirely on the Lord and thank him for his blessings. It is a rejuvenation of the religion and it creates a stronger bond between the Muslim and his Lord
n Indonesia, it is common during this period for people to engage in "mudik" activity. It is an annual tradition that people in big cities such as my city Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya, or elsewhere, travel to their hometowns or other cities to visit relatives, to request forgiveness, or just to celebrate Eid with the whole family. The government of Indonesia has prepared the transportation infrastructures to accommodate a huge amount of travellers by repairing damaged roads and bridges. However, the impact is still tremendous as millions of cars and motorcycles jam the roads and highways, causing kilometres of traffic jams each year.

One of the largest temporary human migrations globally, is the prevailing custom of the Lebaran where workers, particularly unskilled migrants labourers such as maids and construction labourers return to one's home town or city and ask forgiveness from ones' parents, in-laws and elder.
The rest of the day is spent visiting relatives or serving visitors. Idul Fitri is a very joyous day for children as the adults give them money. They also celebrate by lighting traditional bamboo cannon firecrackers known as meriam bambu Ramadhan, using kerosene in large hollow bamboo tubes or Chinese imported crackers. The traditional bamboo cannon, meriam bambu are notoriously loud and can be very dangerous to operator, bystander and even nearby buildings.