Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

When You Feel Bored

Sometimes you feel like living in hell, your mind full of thinks.Tired of everything. I think u can follow this tips, hope it can help your problem

  1. You need a Social Life, organize it! Go to clubs bars and other new places. Find out what events are going in your city and attend them, will be good not to go there alone. Go there and get known to new people there is a big possibility to meet a person who has common interests with you and you can share your thoughts, you can make a friendship with him/her.
  2. Become little bit crazy than you are as usual. Get MP3 and listen to music, sing and dance, it will get you good funny aura.
  3. Open a notepad in your computer, or take a piece of paper, make notes, plan your weekly activities and plan everything you want to do. It's a very good motivational system, because you'll surely catch an interest of completing them.
  4. Also you can use your computer, play free games, watch interesting movies (motivational or comedy films, for example "THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS"), watch happy videos and pictures. Download your dream pictures and begin daily working to realize them, because every person is able to have a wish and complete it. You should remember that you live once and then you die so for what reason you wish something and then get failed about completing it, remember that you are the person who can do everything and who is loved by everyone! Make a wish and complete it, work on it, smile to strangers, be kind to everyone, because you should be remembered.
Begin from zero and achieve what you really want, doesn't matter how hard it is, make a wish and just start!

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