Jumat, 23 September 2011


Its 6:43 am. wake up lately cause of tomorrow trapped in traffic jam. So much boring! no no no EXTREMELY boring! because you spend 3 hours just alone with stranger no one texting u. and you get sick in the middle of that moment :( yeah i had nosebleed. Thanks God, it just a bit. 

In home, my mom told me to dinner. and because I havent eat in that day I cant wait any longer lol. after that i go to bed, and open my laptop, doing my assignment. Then, write on my diary till I feel asleep.

on 3 am something bright, white, clear like hit my head. I dont know its just a dream or its a real. Cause Idk what kind of thing that hitting my head. Its hurt. when I wake up another nosebleed. 

In my dream I saw myself send a text to "My sb xxx" say : dont forget to pray, hmm dont forget.. 
and he rep my text : "yes? forget of what? our anniversary?"
ouh God, Idk what happen to me, im so forget our day, and forget about what we always do in that day. Sure im not lying... :(((

Then.. what should i do now

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