Sabtu, 31 Desember 2011

2012 you are more than welcome :)

loves this firework

Ga kerasa udah ganti tahun lagi, jadi inget postingan ini. Many stories that happen in this year, happy, sad, laugh, tears, smiles, tears. All in One, build me to be a tougher person :) yep, more tougher!

Suffice it to self-reflection, self repairing. To become a better person.
This year I'm not  celebrate the new year. I prefer at home, reflecting on what happened in this year. What strategy should I do to deal with in 2012.

Make a plan is easy but difficult part is running the plan. Be consistent, it needs enough courage and faith to defeat the lazy feeling. and I have a great plan and a lot of to do list for this year. hmm well,

You can sit here and dwell on how ridiculous 2011 was to you, or you can pick yourself up, eliminate everything and everyone in your life that is bringing about negative energy into your life, and step into 2012 with a positive attitude. That’s life for you, sometimes it’s going to take slaps, kicks, and punches at you, but as a strong person you have to be able to stand on your own two feet and handle a situation better.
new diary
 For those who sit there and say “2012, new year new me”, you’re just lazy and not motivated. If you wanted to be a better person, you would do it right then and there. You shouldn’t have to wait for a single digit change in a year for you to think about becoming a better person, it’s all talk
You have no room to complain consistently about things. You are probably sitting on your bed, couch, floor, or whatever, reading this off of your computer/laptop/phone, with a roof over your head, surrounded by people who love you and care about you. Look at the world outside of your home, and reflect on how blessed you are. Count your blessings, from the little ones such as the breath of air you just inhaled to the amount of people who care about you.
You’re blessed much more than many out there. Less talk, more action people. Allow your struggles to make your skin thicker rather than breaking your soul apart.

Bismillah,  Ya Allah, always with me, beside me, show me Your way the right way. Give me strength to fight and stay in Your way. Catch my dream. Let me more closer with You. aamiin

my new life motto's is
plan, fight, feel, pray and catch it! and do the best from yourself
okay, night everyone. love you :)

may you all have a wonderful days to come full of success, happiness, genuinely caring people, lessons, wisdom, and health in the future.



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