Kamis, 23 Februari 2012


This post is dedicated for my friend, Ozlem :)

As you know I love SNSD or Girls Generation so much hhe.. My favourite is Yoona :D i dont know why. Maybe because she is funny and beautiful LOL..

Also I do some crazy thing, like I dancing like SNSD wannabe.. in my own room, just for fun like exercise it makes me sweating heheh...

I love the other song like the latest one VITAMIN, The Boys, day by day etc :D
do you know Lady Gaga once rumored that she imitated SNSD's song "Be happy"  

okaaay maybe thats from me :D cant wait for your comment heheh

enjoy :)


3 komentar:

  1. lagu favorite : Genie, anggota fav : yoona . like pisyaaaaan leee hahaha

  2. hhaha iya doong :D gmn kalo anggota fav kamu : leea .. :D whahhahah