Senin, 02 April 2012

Twilight - Breaking dawn part 2 teaser trailer

Well, during browsing for my high voltage's report. Suddenly I really want to writing in this blog after 1 week maybe I didnt post anything. Why? because I have new blog hahha.. More personal, but I'm sorry i cant tell you, but you can find out by yourself. hmmmmm I just wondering WHERE IS MY PENCIL --' looking around  last 1 hour just to find my pencil, the black one :( ahhhh how can I do my homework *--'* and then received 1 text message from hmm well okay..
Oh ya I forgot now in waiting for a postcard from my friends Helene, she is so kind to send me a postcard during her holiday in PARIS aaaaaa.. cant u imagine? how happy I am :)) You can check my previous post about places that i really want to visit :) 

ahh lets move on, watching WIDESHOOT on TV, and see breaking dawn film. I cant wait any longer bout this please :3
check this out

yep, this is it... hope I have a time to watch this film. Im sorry for my chaos english hahha :p

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