Minggu, 20 Mei 2012

The Fact about Smoking

True, “only 5 of 100 people who attempt to quit smoking succeed” — for any given attempt. But the more times you try, the greater your chance of finally staying quit. Quitting for even 1 week is still quitting, and teaches you valuable lessons about what does (and doesn’t) work for YOU.
Here’s a simple tip to prepare your brain for quitting smoking:

  1. Every time your brain sends you the “time to smoke” signal, count 10 extra seconds before actually lighting up.
  2. Continue this pattern for 1 week.
  3. The next week, make it 20 seconds.
  4. The week after that, make it 30 seconds — and so on, gradually weakening the “behavioral conditioning” link between your brain’s nicotine urge and your body’s lighting-up reply.

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